Megan is a chirpy CA at the Centred Space Wellness Group. Chiropractic has helped Megan recover from a sporting injury, improved her sleep, and boosted her wellbeing. Chiropractic has also helped Megan through stress and headaches accompanied with studying.

Megan is an upbeat individual who has a passion for health and fitness, she is currently studying a Bachelor of Science in Chiropractic. When Megan is finished her degree she hopes to share wellness and be able to provide holistically approached Chiropractic care.

Megan has always been involved in sports and competed in state competitions such for Surf Life Saving, swimming, and dancing. Megan still enjoys her sporting commitments with Surf Life Saving and currently practices yoga and pilates regularly.

When Megan isn’t at the clinic she enjoys volunteering for the community, learning about essential oil blends, being outdoors and meditating.