Chloe is our beloved Chiropractic Assistant at Centred Space Wellness Group. She is the friendly face that you’ll see at the front desk and is the master creator of our oil blends that makes the practice a relaxing place to be.

Chloe has always been involved in sports, including gymnastics, swimming, baseball, dance, cheer leading and triathlons, so as you can imagine she was exposed to Chiropractic at a young age.

Chiropractic has helped Chloe deal with stress, sleep and recover from sporting injuries. Nowadays, Chloe loves to practice yoga and Pilates because it is a great stress relief and makes her feel centred.

When Chloe isn’t at the practice, she loves to draw and paint and is currently working towards a Bachelor in Interior Design and Decoration. With this degree she hopes to start her own business designing modern, open living spaces for new apartments in the city.